Film and Video at Georgia Tech

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication, dating back to its earlier form as the Department of English, has a long history in film and video instruction. While that instruction has largely focused on the history, theory, and criticism of film—and more recently television—it has also offered as part of its degree programs, minors, and certificates the opportunity for practical work in film and video. This work draws on the LMC video lab, staffed by a video professional and trained student assistants, on performance training available through DramaTech’s faculty advisor, and on instruction in digital image production that is part of the School’s Computational Media program.

The School offered the Institute’s first film class, open to all students, in 1980. This class, primarily an introduction to the art of the film, was regularly offered until 1983 when the Department instituted a certificate program in Film and Drama that combined the study of these two forms with practical courses in performance and video production. Shortly after Georgia Tech revised its curriculum for the semester system, the then School of Literature, Culture, and Communication instituted, as part of its B.S. degree, a track in Film and Media Studies, providing students with an opportunity for historical, theoretical, and critical study of film and other media, combined with the possibility for learning the fundamentals of production in a new video lab. That tradition continues with the current “threaded” option on film and media in the current B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication that combines conventional film study with possibilities for doing video production and digital image production in specialized practical courses.


School of Literature, Media, and Communication—Programs of Study in Film and Video

  1. Film and Media Track in the Literature, Media, and Communication B.S. degree
  2. Minor in Film and Media Studies (18 hours)
  3. Certificate in Film Studies (12 hours)


School of Literature, Media, and Communication—Courses in Film and Video

LMC 2400      Introduction to Media Studies

LMC 2500      Introduction to Film

LMC 3215      Science Fiction in Film and Television

LMC 3252      Studies in Film and Television

LMC 3253      Animation

LMC 3254      Film History

LMC 3256      Major Filmmakers

LMC 3257      Global Cinema

LMC 3258      Documentary Film

LMC 3259      Experimental Film and Video

LMC 3352      Film and/as Technology

LMC 3853      Special Topics in Film

LMC 4400      Seminar in Media Studies

LMC 4500      Seminar in Film Studies

LMC 2730      Constructing the Moving Image

LMC 3406      Video Production


School of Literature, Media and Communication—Film and Video Resources

The School maintains an archive of more than 100 16 mm films, of several hundred DVDs, and of several hundred VHS tapes, ranging across a wide variety of film types and genres. Along with a large body of DVD materials housed in and maintained by the GT library, these materials are used in support of instruction in the various specialized film and media courses (see list above) and as aids in the full range of LMC course offerings.

The School has a fully functional video/film production lab, supervised by a video professional and staffed with trained student assistants. This lab includes green screen set-ups for special effects work and an animation stand for producing animated videos.